Judging Process
Judging Criteria

The spirit of the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards is to highlight the BREAK THROUGH products, solutions and companies within the crowded information security market.

We intentionally keep the submission process simple, focused on nominees addressing the question – “How does your company or product break through the crowded cybersecurity market?”

The evaluation criteria for the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program are focused around the concept of innovation. We have developed the evaluation criteria that we believe allow for a fair, honest and equitable assessment of each entry.

All entries will be judged on the Tech Breakthrough criteria:
In the spirit of the technology “Break Through,” we are looking for innovative solutions and companies that address a true need, solve a complex or critical problem, or seize an opportunity and create or revolutionize a new market or industry.

In the award nomination, you may choose to address the following areas. Note that it is not necessary to address each area and these are suggested guidelines only.

Judges will evaluate products in each category based on the following areas:


Does the product introduce new capabilities or significant improvements? Does it break new ground and truly “Break Through” the crowded market?


Does the product perform to a degree that it improves overall performance versus competitors or previous solutions?

Ease Of Use And Manageability

Is the product easy to install? Are the product’s functions clear and easy to learn and run? Will the product scale to accommodate growth?


Does the product deliver as promised? Does it provide greater or more useful functionality than others in its category?


Does the product represent a cost-effective solution? Can its return on investment be easily justified?


What needs does the product uniquely meet? What problems does it solve?